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Frequently Asked Questions

Take a look at your first utility bill to ensure you are receiving “solar generation credit”. As a matter of fact, the more energy efficient you are means you will use less power. The power produced not used in your home will earn you those energy credits.

At your request, Ready Home Energy will schedule a complimentary power audit to ensure your system is working at its peak performance and compare your energy production against your energy consumption.

The Tesla Charger will plug right into any Tesla model. For other EV models, you will need to purchase an EV Charger adapter for your specific EV .

If you purchased your system, you are eligible for current tax incentives. You should consult with your tax specialist for information specific to your tax situation.

Cleaning your panels of dust, pollen, and leaves will improve your system performance. Ordinarily, you can flush the panels with a water hose from the ground to remove accumulated dust. How often you clean the system depends on where you live. If you have excessive dust or bird droppings, you may wish to hire a local solar panel cleaning service.

Your solar panels can still generate electricity on cloudy days, since even diffused sunlight can activate solar power production. Solar panel output on a cloudy day may be less than on a cloudless day, but still often produces a meaningful amount of electricity.

You will have a 25 year warranty on the system. For all the details, click here for the complete warranty page

The amount of energy your solar panels produce depends on your system size, as well as environmental factors such as shade, dust, debris, snow, and weather. Refer to your solar panels purchase agreement for more information.

In most cases, your system is installed with Enphase inverters which will give you real-time and historical visibility into your solar production and home energy usage. Use the Enphase Enlighten mobile app or login online to follow your energy production in real-time.

Ready Home Energy installs solar power systems to be durable and effective over the long term. Many components of your system are designed to last for decades. As an example, testing by outside researchers has shown that solar panels have a useful life of 35 years. You should review your Warranty Agreement for detailed information about the coverage of your system over time.

Even with solar, you will most likely have a residual utility bill and those rates may fluctuate. The bill depends on the size of your solar panel system relative to your energy demand, as well as your peak hour energy use. You can minimize utility rate changes by using less energy during peak hours.

Your solar panels do not produce electricity in the absence of sunlight. The system’s inverter goes into “Night Mode” when there’s not enough daylight to produce energy. If you have battery storage, then you can use its stored electricity to help meet your nighttime energy needs. If you don’t have a battery, then at night your home will draw power only from the utility grid.

Shading on your solar panels will reduce electricity production. Keep trees or other tall plants trimmed to prevent shading on your solar panel system.

If you don’t have a battery storage system, your solar panels will not work during a utility outage due to grid safety requirements. However, if you have both solar panels and a battery storage system during an outage, your home’s power supply operates as an independent system from the utility grid, running on solar energy during the day and storing excess energy for later use.